Sotea's Testimony

Written by Wayne Hudson

In March 2020 I was part of a team teaching and training on outreach and evangelism in Silverdale, Newcastle under Lyme. On the Saturday night we held a healing meeting. I had met Sotea the previous evening, she was in a wheelchair and could not walk by herself. We prayed for her in the name of Jesus and she could stand up! We met her again the night after and we again prayed for her. This time she not only stood but started walking, unaided.

As we were speaking with her she told us that her legs were different lengths, so much so that she had medical shoes to compensate for the difference. We prayed for her leg to grow and it started to grow. It continued to grow about 2 ½ inches (6 ½ cm) so that her legs are now the same length, as you can imagine we were praising God, her husband had never looked forward to buying a pair of shoes so much in his life!

That’s our Jesus

Sotea's old shoes