Samuel's Testimony

Written by Wayne Hudson

In March 2020 I was part of a team teaching and training on outreach and evangelism in Silverdale, Newcastle under Lyme. When we run training weeks, it is with outreach planned into it. On the Saturday night we had a healing meeting. I would like to point out that I am NOT a healer, Jesus IS the healer.

It was at this meeting I met Samuel. Samuel is a young boy who had been brought by his mother, he was carried to me at the end of the meeting, he was burning up with fever, his body was limp, completely listless, with out any strength. His mum asked me to pray for him saying he is very sick and I need a miracle. I prayed for him and at first nothing seemed to happen, I continued to pray and he started to cool down, then all of a sudden the temperature vanished and he literally seemed to just come awake, colour returned to his face and he was restored within two minutes.

That’s our Jesus

Wayne, Samuel (healed) and his Mother