Lisa's Testimony

Written by Wayne Hudson

Lisa is a member of Living Hope church in the Isle of Man, she came to a meeting at Port St Mary’s church, at the meeting we were preaching about the healing power of God, and sharing tremendous testimonies of the healings, and how we have seen the Lord move mightily, we came to a point toward the end of the evening where we were praying for the sick, that is where I met Lisa.

Lisa had a leg brace on supporting her knee, she was walking on crutches and could not support her weight whist she was standing, she told me that she had fallen down 15 steps and as she landed at the bottom of the steps she cracked her kneecap and was in excruciating pain. She went to the Hospital was x-rayed, patched up and sent home, this was only 2 days prior to the meeting. As I prayed for her, the Lord moved miraculously, she told me that her leg was feeling really hot and was tingling, and that her pain had gone.

I asked Lisa if she was ready to exercise her faith and remove the leg brace and confirm the healing that was taking place, she removed the brace and could bear weight, move freely, she had full mobility, she even started jumping up and down dancing as we were praising God