Amy's Testimony

Written by Wayne Hudson

In December 2019 I was in Liverpool and had a last minute appointment at New Horizons (an outreach service for sex workers and drug addicts.) It was at this meeting I met Amy (not real name.) Amy had come into the church meeting that night to get fed and keep warm. As she heard the gospel being preached, she was transfixed on the message of love, grace and acceptance. I could see God moving on her heart as I was speaking. As I gave the appeal, she shot up out of her seat and was at the front of the congregation like a flash, giving her life to Jesus. As I prayed for her and she repented, she told me she was just "washed through with love." She felt brand new, loved for who she was and not for what she did.

The transformation that comes when we truly meet with Christ will never cease to amaze me.

"Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed"
- John 8v36

A photo representing a lady. For safety, it is not Amy