Uganda Mission

May 2019

At the end of May into the first week of June I was part of the Mission 24 team that went to minister to and to serve the beautiful people of Mityana, Uganda.

We were invited by Pastor Robert Mponye, a truly humble and gracious man of God, we were honoured as guests and loved like family.

We were sharing the love of Jesus in the schools, on the streets, in the marketplace and with large outdoor Gospel meetings at night.

On one of the days in Mityana we were invited to go into the local schools. In the morning we went to a school with about 40 pupils in one classroom where we were able to share the Gospel with the young people and all of them responded, as we prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, many of the young people were filled and started to speak in tongues. In the afternoon we went to a larger school where there were around 700 pupils, again we preached and there were about 600 of the young people responded.

During our time in Mityana we saw many deaf ears opened, blind eyes see, lame people walking, and many people delivered, we also saw over 1200 people give their lives to Christ.

On the final night of the outreach I preached the message to hundreds of people, it was a wonderful experience people were saved, healed and delivered, what a privilege.

Mukama akuwe omukisa Mityana (May the Lord bless you Mityana - The language of Kinyarwanda)

A healing service in Uganda