Slovakia Mission


In 2019 I was invited to be part of a mission team in Slovakia, we were holding open air meetings on the town square at night and working on the streets around Zlate Moravec in the day. We saw God do so many amazing things during the period of time we were there, many miraculous signs and wonders, one lady who had undergone bad surgery on her neck that had healed poorly, and the procedure hadn’t worked, was instantly healed as we prayed for her, in Jesus’ name.

One morning I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me saying “go to the outskirts of the town and preach to the Roma people," so we did. The Roma people have been and are despised, and treated as outcasts, they tend to live in their own groups and don’t integrate or welcome strangers.

We arrived in the middle of the village, under a tree, and started playing Guitars and a Cajon, singing songs and generally making a lot of noise, the children came out to see what was going on, and joined in the dances. As the children gathered the parents started to become curious as to what was happening, we noticed there was a crowd of around 50 people gathered, and preached the Gospel, we gave an appeal and about 20 people responded, then we preached about healing in the name of Jesus, there was a Holy Spirit boldness that came on me, I was asking if there are sick amongst you, come to Jesus, if there are lame amongst you come to Jesus, and continued to proclaim healing in Jesus name.

A mother brought her child of around 2/3 years old, he had a club foot and his left leg was around 2 inches (4 cm) shorter that the right, as we prayed for him Jesus healed his foot, it literally uncurled before us and his leg shot out to the same length, we started shouting "Praise God, a miracle, a miracle!" All the villagers knew this boy and all witnessed this miraculous healing wonder, we asked if anyone else would like to receive Jesus as their Saviour and everyone said yes, we went back to the tree in the afternoon where more people had gathered, many more people accepted the wonderful gift of salvation that day around 120 people.

A man worshipping with a guitar surrounded by children