Rochdale Mission

June 2019

Although it is a wonderful privilege to be jetting around the world preaching the gospel, I truly believe that the Lord, is and will continue to move mightily in the UK.

In June 2019 I was preaching in my hometown of Rochdale at the Smallbridge Street Festival. During the day we had been on the local estate. Whist we were out for about an hour we saw 3 people invite Jesus to become their saviour, one of them was a lady called Rosalie. She was prayed for and healed of arthritis and ended up walking the length of the estate to the festival, she was encouraging others to become Christians too.

At the end of the day I preached the Gospel from the platform about the Lost Son, there were 15 people responded to the Gospel message, many more were healed from various conditions and pains.

The following morning, I was preaching in the Church. It was an awesome time at Branches Christian Fellowship that morning. There was an amazing presence of God, of heaven meeting earth.

A man came with a stick and walked unaided after prayer.

People gave their live to Jesus, and many people were touched by the Holy Spirit

Praise God! He is moving in the UK.

A photo of the Rochdale Butts