New York Mission

January 2019

In January I was in New York with Mission 24 where we saw hundreds of people come to salvation, with many healings and God doing marvellous things in people’s lives. We were working with the Latino churches M.F.C Minesterios Fraternidad Christiana, training them in outreach, when one day, after returning from a street outreach, we were given this wonderful testimony.

A group of young people had been knocking on doors inviting people to the outreach events in the evening, one of the doors was answered by an elderly lady who said she would love to come along but had severe breathing difficulties and required regular oxygen, the young people had been being taught about the unchanging nature of Jesus and that it is His will to still heal today, they offered prayer to this lady who received a miraculous healing, her airways opened and she could breathe, she asked if they would pray for her husband who had growths on his lower legs, they agreed and went inside to pray, as they were praying the growths dried up and fell off leaving no trace of injury behind them, all the people in the house gave their lives to Christ.

There were many healings that took place over the course of this mission trip, deaf ears unstopped, injuries healed, pain gone eyesight restored, many who were oppressed set free and delivered, and hunrdeds of people who came into Glorious salvation.

A photo of the statue of liberty