Exeter Mission

October 2019

During October 2019 I was part of a team working with Mission 24 and Rediscover church in Exeter. We had a truly wonderful time here, seeing many people give their lives to Jesus on the streets, and many people healed. I was preaching the Gospel one day on the high street and telling folks that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.(Heb, 13 v 8) and that Jesus did, does, and will continue to heal people, as a result I ended up praying for a man who had severely bad eyesight, as he was instantly healed he exclaimed loudly ‘I can see’, this attracted the attention of a lady who was passing by who told us she was hard of hearing and as we prayed for too, her ears were opened. Both these people gave their lives to Jesus.

One night there was a ladies meeting on and I went back on the streets with another brother, Patrick. We saw a young lady staggering strung out,and being held up by a bicycle, with all of her earthy possessions tied to and piled up on it, as we watched she staggered and fell over.

We approached to help her and got talking she was a crack addict, homeless, and had come too the end of herself, we shared the gospel with her, the good news that Jesus loves us and can truly set us free, as she prayed inviting Jesus into her life lucidity, clarity and sobriety came upon her, she was utterly changed as a result of meeting Jesus.

There were many, many more healings and salvations that week, God is performing mighty miracles in the UK as well as abroad.

A photo of Exeter