Fire In The North

A God Given Vision

On the 5th December, 2018 I had a vision. It has not left me and I am frequently reminded of it.

I was taken from myself and was looking down over the UK. There were 4 great fires over the country; 2 in the north and 2 in the south. The fires were raging but did not consume!! It was the presence of God! In the surrounding areas, smaller fires were catching and spreading until the whole country was an inferno that consumed as Holiness was the cry of the church.

The Lord blew and the fire spread rapidly.

The fire covered our land from the north to the south and swept across Europe and into the world.

I believe that, at this time, God is calling believers into His Glorious presence; to be intimate with our loving Heavenly Father, to let down all our barriers and drop all pretence, to be carriers of the heavenly fire and His Holy presence wherever we go.

I Believe God is calling us to be revived in Him and to be the sparks of revival across the north and across the nation.

As the North burns, so will the Nation.


a matchstick which is alight