Street Work

We are seeing God just do amazing things. 100’s of people inviting Jesus into their hearts, people healed instantly walking away without their sticks, blind eyes opened, people receiving deliverance and being set free from all kinds of burdens and addictions.

One lady was on her way to commit suicide and had an encounter with Jesus the real-life giver, what a transformation came over her, she was radiant. One man called Jason had broken his collarbone and couldn't move his arm due to the pain, but Jesus healed, "what happened" he shouted as his pain had gone. He asked Jesus into his heart. One thing that truly blesses my heart is when whole families come to Jesus, I was talking to one family of five, from Slovakia, who gave their lives to Jesus, I couldn't help but smile as the children were praying loud and enthusiastically for Jesus to come into their hearts, as their hearts were filled mine was melting, thank you Lord

A photo of 3 people, Jordan stood in the middle

This is a picture of Jordan (he's the one in the middle) He has just recieved Jesus as his saviour, as we were praying for him the Holy Spirit filled him up, he said that he could feel the weight of his burdens completely lift off his shoulders, we then prayed for his back pain and he was totally healed. That's Jesus

We saw a lady have her leg miraculously healed after it had been left bent and twisted from a car accident, she forgave the driver of the other car, we prayed for her in the name of Jesus, her leg was miraculously straightened and aligned, there is power in forgiveness.

We have had storms that we have spoken directly to and they have stopped so we can preach the gospel. We’ve had bomb scares and the police herded the crowd near our tent – what an opportunity to preach the gospel. I have been elbowed in the face and still the gospel is preached. As God is doing amazing things in our Manchester Streetwork outreaches, we have heard testimony from folks that had been outreaching in Covent Gardens, London, that people are talking about what is happening in Manchester and how God is moving here in the North. Come On Lord Jesus, your fame, Your glory!

A photo of Wayne preaching in Manchester
A photo of a lady dancing with flags
A photo of wayne ministering to a man
A photo of wayne praying with a man